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👋 Welcome to the West Virginia Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN)!

  • 1.  👋 Welcome to the West Virginia Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN)!

    Posted 11-15-2023 02:44 PM
    Edited by Barrett-Anne Briggs 11-17-2023 12:13 PM

    We are excited to launch our West Virginia LSEN community and connect with local scientists and engineers who are eager to create an impact. 

    We are Brooke, Robin, and Barrett. We are your LSEN Co-Liaisons and communication manager, respectfully, for West Virginia. LSEN's mission is to empower scientists and engineers to engage with their communities, elevating the visibility of and trust in science while building and satisfying the demand for scientific evidence that addresses needs, solves problems and informs state and local decision-making. 

    As we get started in forming our local network and fulfilling the mission of LSEN, please take a moment to introduce yourself here and share some of the science-related topics and issues that are specific to West Virginia that you're interested to learn more about. What pressing issues would you like to address within our network? What skills and learning opportunities are you looking for that would help you hone your professional, personal and civic engagement skills? Your input is vital to shaping our community's focus. 

    Here's a little about us to start the introductions. 

    Brooke is a postdoc fellow in the division of forestry studying the economic and ecological tradeoffs of managing forests for carbon sequestration. As the LSEN Liaison, Brooke received training from AAAS on how to build a network and develop a network vision. She plans to serve as an early "network weaver," learning about the network advocates' interests and background and making connections across the network to foster community and knowledge sharing during the early phases of the network.

    Robin is a PhD student of neuroscience. Robin Oliverio will work closely with Brooke and AAAS to assist with the initiation of the WV Local Science Engagement Network. She is interested in fostering opportunities for graduate students to gain training and professional development in science communication and public engagement. She also sees opportunities for us to engage in local politics (Morgantown city council).

    Barrett is a Ph.D. Candidate in Biology studying ticks and Lyme disease. She will develop and maintain the WV LSEN website, AAAS-hosted member community, and social media presence. She will manage social media related to WV LSEN, while directing other crucial communication campaigns such as network recruitment and advertising events. 

    We look forward to reading your introduction, learning about your background and the topics that are important to you. Let's join forces and champion the cause of science in West Virginia.  

    Connect with us at  https://scitechpolicy.wvu.edu/wv-lsen
    Thanks so much for Joining our Community!

    Barrett Briggs