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  • 1.  What will 2024 bring?

    Posted 01-10-2024 03:39 PM

    Happy New Year to All!

    I'm so excited about what 2024 will bring to the West Virginia Local Science Engagement Network (West Virginia LSEN)!

    At the end of 2023, I welcomed my second son, Felix, into the world, and I am thinking about what world he will experience throughout his lifetime and how I and a network of scientists can make it a better place.

    Today marks the first day of West Virginia's state legislative session, which will run for 60 days. Jim Justice will give his State of the State address tonight at 7 pm.  We will be watching to see which issues seem important to state legislators, and how science and technology can play a role in effective decision-making.

    In the meantime, please share what STEAMM topics YOU are passionate about, or other ideas of how this network can engage the West Virginia public and civic leaders in 2024.

    While this network is still small, we have an opportunity to decide together what we want the network to achieve this year. Robin and I will be coordinating discussions next month to collectively strategize and identify the strengths and interests we already have in this network.

    And some other relevant news...

    • To stay up to date on issues in West Virginia, keep an eye on the legislative session. It starts Jan 10 and lasts just 60 days. Here are a couple of ways I like to follow:
    • February 8: LSEN town hall, hosted by AAAS. Registration details to follow.
    • Spring 2024: We got a small grant to fund three training/events:
      • Civic Science 101 webinar;
      • How to Engage Civic Leaders training;
      • Storytelling Workshops for scientists followed by a public storytelling open mic event! 
      • Once the grant agreement is completed, we will share more details! Woo hoo!

    I'm looking forward to working with all of you this year.

    Brooke Eastman

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Davis College


    "I can hear change humming
    In its loudest, proudest song.
    I don't fear change coming,
    And so I sing along."

    - Amanda Gorman, Change Sings

    Brooke Eastman
    Morgantown WV

  • 2.  RE: What will 2024 bring?

    Posted 01-14-2024 12:26 PM

    In Response to: Please share what STEAMM topics YOU are passionate about, or other ideas of how this network can engage the West Virginia public and civic leaders in 2024.

    I'll start!

    1. The Voluntary Carbon Market (cap and trade): My background is in forest ecology and carbon storage in forest ecosystems. The unregulated, voluntary carbon market has been an issue that has surfaced recently as being of concern to the state legislature. Also, a lot of landowners have been inquiring about their options to enroll and the risks involved. 
    2. Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure: Many are appalled by the fact that people are living in WV without safe drinking water in their homes/schools. The Bridge Initiative published a Waters of West Virginia policymaker guide that included this topic, and it would be great to re-vamp the momentum and engagement on this topic!

    There are so many more, but these are two I've thought about and engaged on somewhat recently.

    Brooke Eastman
    Morgantown WV