Welcome to the home of Trellis Communities by AAAS.

To participate in the Trellis Communities by AAAS, please sign in with your AAAS ID.  You can then find all the collaborative communities in the "Communities" menu or going directly here.

S&T Policy Fellows: No need to create a AAAS ID – you already have one! To log in, first visit this account activation page to activate your account.  Then visit us here at the STPF Community home.

Creating a AAAS ID
If you do not have a AAAS ID, you can create a free one 
visiting AAAS ID Registration.
After you enter your email and create a password, please look for an email in your inbox with a link to activate your new AAAS ID.
If you don't receive an email, you may visit 
https://account.aaas.org/identity/lookup to activate your account.
Once activated, you will use your AAAS ID to sign in to 
Trellis Communities by AAAS and visit or request to join the different communities therein.

Please feel free to contact us!

Visit the AAAS Member Community.

* Please note: It may take up to 25 minutes after your activate your AAAS ID for it to register in Trellis Communities by AAAS.  We thank you for your patience.

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