Do You Want to Invent Something Great

By Jonathan Soto posted 06-02-2020 09:32 PM


Do You Want to Invent Something Great?

Have you ever sat around with your friends one day wishing you were the person that came up with the idea of inventing the Pet Rock or the Slinky? Inventions like this have dominated the retail market, making their inventors a lot of money over time with relatively small overhead costs. There is a wide world out there for people with creative minds who want to capitalize on a niche to make a profit with the next great invention. You do not want to be left out while others are making a profit from something that you could have capitalized on. 

Even if you may think that your ideas are not needed or that no one will pay attention to you, it’s time to reconsider! There have been many people in the world who were convinced that no one would want to pay for their inventions or new ideas, and someone else came along later and patented it for themselves. Do not miss out on a fantastic opportunity to make a profit from your ideas. You should never be afraid to try out new things and finding alternative ways to accomplish tasks. Your ingenious thoughts could make you a profit before you know it. 

First Things First


If you want to try to invent something or already have some great ideas, you will need to start off on the right foot. If you don’t have any solid concepts yet, don’t worry. Start thinking about daily tasks you do and begin writing down how they could be made easier or more efficient. Before you know it, you will have several intuitive ideas that you can expand on and possibly make you a profit in time. Sometimes coming up with invention ideas takes time, and you may have to research a market to see if there are any gaps in a product that you could fill with a new invention.


Begin with a journal to start taking notes of any thoughts or plans you may have. Be sure to include the date as you write them down, have all of your pages numbered in sequence to avoid any confusion later and make sure you have someone witness your entries on the dates. This will help alleviate any issues you may come across later on when you want to patent your product. Getting started the right way is one of the most important parts of the invention process. There are service companies like InventHelp that are designed to give aid to new, upcoming inventors like yourself, so every step is done correctly. 


Do Your Homework


Once you have decided on a cutting-edge product that you would like to invent, be sure that someone else hasn’t thought of it first. You will want to be certain that there are no other products like your idea out there to avoid disappointment. Browse the internet for products that could match your invention or have similar attributes. Talk to retail stores that could carry a product you wish to invent and see if they have items comparable or if there is a need for your invention.


You will want to visit a Patent and Trademark Depository Library in your area to browse a list of patents and products that may match a close description of what you had an idea for. This can eliminate a lot of unnecessary time and effort if your idea has already been registered for a patent by someone previously. Getting the help of a professional can also aid your search if you aren’t able to do the work yourself. By doing the legwork, you are sure to have an invention that is new and unique that could bring you a profit.


Don’t Give Up


The invention process is not always an easy one, and there can be many roadblocks and stumbling stones along the way. Try not to get discouraged too soon and remember that everyone has great ideas; it just may take some time. If you find that your invention has a product similar to it already on the market, try going in a different direction. Many successful inventors were not able to imagine and create their inventions on the very first try. It takes time, effort, and patience to follow through the process, so don’t give up.


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